Ancora is one of the oldest pen producers in the world, but it is looking ahead to the future of luxury with the introduction of its all-new handmade ‘Bitcoin Pen.’ Just 88 limited-edition fountain pens and 888 roller balls will be created, each of which comes with a personalized production number. The Bitcoin Pen boasts a special serial number, such as 01/88, 88/88, 001/888 and 888/888, and comes with a protective leather case. Unlike many collectible luxury pens that are widely available to the public if cost is not prohibitive, the Bitcoin Pen may only be purchased with Bitcoin.

In June of 2018, Ancora plans to open a marketplace to help collectors trade coveted and limited-edition writing instruments. In February of next year, Ancora has also announced that it will be introducing a new cryptocurrency-inspired pen, but the featured cryptocurrency will be decided by consumers via a Telegram vote.


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